What is Digital Transformation?

Whether you are trying to understand the latest technology capabilities, trying to deploy a successful Digital Transformation (DX) project or keep your network and data secure, digital transformation can be complicated - we want to simplify it for you.

DX and you

Digital Transformation is a radical change of strategy which, for most organisations, is fundamental to both staying relevant to your customers and also opening up new revenue streams. Driven by changing customer expectations and a raft of new technologies, organisations are embarking on a journey of essential change to every aspect of their business.

DX requires your entire organisation to work together to re-imagine how you interact with your customers, how they find, choose and buy your products. How your organisation communicates internally and with its suppliers. How you collect, store and analyse data, how this feeds in to pricing, product development and your marketing. DX affects every department and requires support and alignment from the very top of your organisation down to the most junior team members.

So your role working in the IT department, the cyber security team or as a technical line of business leader is absolutely fundamental in the ongoing digital transformation of your organisation.

Take a look at the Digital Transformation EXPO video to see more on what DX means to us, and what working with us can mean to you.

What does digital transformation mean to you? At DTX Europe 2019 our visitors had the opportunity to work with our fantastic artists to express how they view digital transformation.

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