Find out where you need to be at Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester

At DTX Manchester we have 10 stages covering the full range of topics that are critical to your Digital Transformation.
Everything you need is here: cloud, infrastructure, cyber security, AI, devops, unified communications, and digital culture.

Find out what's happening on each stage, some of the topic highlights, and check out the full agenda here.

DTX Main Stage 

This stage will provide leading and visionary speakers, covering technology, strategy and culture, to ensure your digital transformation is a success.

Topics covered include:

• The World Land Speed Record: pushing the limits of technology 
• Increasing Transparency with Explainable AI

Network & Infrastructure Stage

This stage is for everything network architecture and connectivity related. Hear from experts on; Wireless, SD-WAN, WAN optimisation, network virtualisation, network automation and 5G.

Topics covered include:

• Next Generation Monitoring with PRTG
• Cyber Resilience and Ransomware - Mitigating Risk is the New Reality

DevOps and Continuous Delivery Stage

With technical sessions for developers, covering Devops automation, Devops culture, container management and much more, this stage is for everyone in the development and operations family.

Topics covered include:

• Event-Driven Architecture: The Five Ws and How - Google
• My journey discovering agnostic agile

Cloud Stage

This stage will explore the technologies and best practices towards either a truly hybrid strategy, migrating to the cloud for the first time, or how to optimise and efficiently run your cloud.

Topics covered include:

• 2020: The Year of the Whistleblower
• How to embrace 'Perpetual Evolution' in the world of hybrid IT

Data & AI Stage

This stage covers in-depth data analytics, and all areas of AI, ML, RPA/intelligent automation, with technical demonsrations and real-life case studies.

Topics covered include:

• (When) Will Quantum AI Become Reality and What Economic and Societal Impact Should we Expect?
• Using RPA to drive business efficiencies 

Digital Culture Stage

This stage will focus on ensuring organisations have the skills and culture to drive digital transformation.

Topics covered include:

• The future workplace - make it work or sabotage it
• The Keys to Digital Transformation Success

UC & Collaboration Stage

Experts from across the sector provide seminars and technical advice on how to drive forward your UC integration, covering UCaaS, CPaaS, Voice analytics, Collaboration & Video Technologies.

Topics covered include:

• Microsoft Teams - Giving information workers collaboration superpowers

Cyber Hack

With longer 45 minute sessions, the Cyber Hack promises the most up to date, live info on the techniques that cyber criminals are using to attack systems and the measures that you can apply to protect your systems and people. 

Topics covered include:

• HackedIn Via LinkedIn
• Web App Security: URLs, Uploads and Dragons

Advanced Threat Prevention Stage

This stage will showcase the latest ATP solutions exploring the latest technologies such as endpoint agents, network devices, email gateways and centralised management consoles to combat the most advanced threats.

Topics covered include:

• Third-Party Risk Management: Overcoming Today's Most Common Security & Privacy 
• Active Directory Threat Intelligence

Cyber Threat Protection Stage

This stage focuses on Conventional Network and Endpoint protection, looking at the latest threats and how to defend your network against them.

Topics covered include:

• How do you ensure Simple and Secure Access Management?
• Tackling the Digital Biodiversity from Discovery to Remediation