Cyber Security Workshop brought to you by Cisco

Go from overwhelmed to empowered – tackling network visibility

In this workshop we’ll be focusing on tackling the growing issue of network visibility.  When so many things are connecting to the network, and cyber criminals finding more intuitive ways of covering their tracks, how can you go from overwhelmed, to empowered, when it comes to your network visibility?

Firstly, in a completely interactive session, we’ll show you how can get information from the network quicker to identify threats without having to create manual processes.  We’ll cover some features in Stealthwatch 7.0 which includes an app framework that you can leverage at absolutely no extra cost to provide plug-in functionality to help protect their IT investment.

Secondly, the rapid rise of encrypted traffic is changing the threat landscape. It’s reported that as of 2018, nearly half of all Internet traffic is protected by HTTPS and the amount of encrypted traffic on the network will only continue to increase. Encryption enables greater privacy and security, which is particularly necessary for mobile, cloud, and web applications. However, attackers are also using encryption to conceal malware and evade detection by traditional security products. So what used to be a safe and reliable protocol has now become an opportunity for cyber criminals. Find out how you can detect threats in encrypted traffic WITHOUT having to decrypt the data – using Artificial Intelligence.

The Speakers

Jonathan Stevenson - Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco Advanced Threats

Jonathan is a Technical Marketing Engineer for the Cisco Advanced Threat Solutions team. 

An experienced networking professional, he works with customers to generate full details of each network transaction – helping them to make a decision on whether their network is being used in the manner they expect.

He also speaks about how organisations can detect and block advanced and persistent threats by leveraging network intelligence and machine learning – all backed up by Cisco’s strong experience in threat intelligence.

Mustafa Mustafa - Cyber Security Consulting Engineer

With over 11 years security experience, Mustafa has been enabling partners and customers from all verticals to leverage Cisco security products and solutions, leading and guiding on how security is at the forefront of every engagement. Mustafa’s primary focus was on cloud/content security and OT security making him a key architect in creating and evangelizing Cisco’s IoT Threat Defence solution.

What will you take away?

  1. Learn how threats in encrypted traffic is taking off – and what you can do to make sure your organisation is ready
  2. No more manual processes – discover an integrated way to tackle rapid threat detection and containment
  3. Get the right information from your network, quickly
  4. Discover how Artificial Intelligence for Security works in a practical sense